Environmentalprotection have developed rapidly during the recent years according to theeconomic, social and political developments all over the world.

Thefoundations of the environmental management system in Turkey were laid with thethird Five Year Development Plan (1973-1977), and the main features of thissystem were cast in the 1982 Constitution, the 1983 Environment Act, andestablishment of the Ministry of Environment in 1991 by the Statutory Decree numbered443. The Ministry of Environment was merged with the Ministry of Forestry in2003. The new Ministry was named the Ministry of Environment and Forestry ofRepublic of Turkey.

EnvironmentAct adopted based on the article 56 of the constitiution of the republic ofTurkey, according to which, everyone has the right to live in a healthy,balanced environment. It is the duty of the state and citizens to improve thenatural environment and to prevent environmental pollution.

The aim of the Environment Act is to protect the environment, which iscommon for all living creatures with taking into account the principle of sustainability.It determines a theoretical frame including a number of rules regardingenvironmental protection.